The truth about The Book of Mormon

I recently received a knock at the door from two smartly dressed men whose name badges revealed they were members of 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints', otherwise known as Mormons.

I had a polite but frank conversation with them for a few minutes, during which I made clear that I am familiar with the Mormon belief system, and I challenged them on various aspects of their beliefs. I listened to their replies, and then pointed them to the many verses from the Bible which utterly contradict central aspects of their beliefs.

We exchanged some literature - I gave them a leaflet about the true gospel, and accepted a booklet from them called 'The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ'. I have carefully read through their booklet, and it is indeed full of heresy.

The reason I regard the Mormon beliefs as heretical is because they are contradicted by the Bible. The truth or otherwise of any purported 'spiritual' teaching can be assessed by comparing with God's word written, which is the Bible. The Bible warns in many places of false teachers and false gospels, and it is the Bible alone which is the infallible authority against which any claims to spiritual truth must be tested.

I do hope the two Mormons I spoke to read the leaflet I gave to them, and I pray that God would open their eyes and save them, for at present they belief a false gospel which cannot save.

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